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The Ladies On Wheels Motorcycle Riding Club (MRC) is a women's club that was created to promote the passion of riding among women. 

We are Mothers, Grandmothers, Daughters, Sisters, and Wives.

We are made up of women from all walks of life - this is our greatest strength. 

This is our Sisterhood

The LOW Riders MRC was born with the hard work of our founding members and it is their determination that makes this club a continued success!

We have monthly meetings, rides and social events. 

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Our President

Kelly "Cysta" Marshall founded Ladies on Wheels in 2001. 

With Cysta's guidance, Ladies on Wheels MRC has survived both good times and bad. 

Economic downturns, housing market crashes and worldwide pandemics just can't keep us from the joy of the open road! How does this MRC survive and grow when so many fail? 

We are a Sisterhood, and our chief motto is...

No Chick Shit!

Along with the Riding and other fun, we love to give back.  We raise money and give gifts annually to support families and children during the Holiday Season. We also raise money and give time where needed to help support our LOW Sisters and Friends of LOW's during times of need. 

LOW Rider hearts are HUGE!